Habs Tease Winter Classic Jersey Ahead of Unveil

habs tease feat

The Montreal Canadiens will be unveiling their 2016 Winter Classic uniforms on Friday, but in the week leading up to the big day the team has been teasing all of us with a series of photos showing small bits of the new uniform.

Fortunately we’re pretty savvy when it comes to uniforms ’round these parts, so we think we can help you fill in the missing pieces here.

The teaser images released by the Canadiens so far
The teaser images released by the Canadiens so far

What we’ve seen so far suggests a white jersey with a blue and red horizontal stripe across the chest and/or sleeves, basically a reverse of their classic red home jersey. The Habs wore such a jersey for a few seasons in the 1940s and again within the past decade briefly as an alternate jersey.

habs white alternate

However the logo looks to be a little different, more along the lines of what the club wore circa 1922-1925, which makes sense when you consider the Boston Bruins will be wearing a version of their 1924-25 uniforms against the Habs in this game.

So it would seem the Habs will be wearing a white version of either of their two jersey styles worn between 1922 and 1925:

habs winter classic

Yes, the “World’s Champions” globe jersey from 1924 still appears to be a possibility, you’ll notice the Habs wore the logo we’ve seen teased (without the lip on the “C”) on their sleeves during that season *fingers crossed*

We’ll find out for sure sometime Friday but hopefully in the afternoon, okay Habs? I got hockey tickets that night.