Pics: Islanders Debut Brooklyn Blacks

isles black

I mean, how else could you possibly know they play in Brooklyn?

The New York Islanders reminded fans that they still hate the colour scheme everyone else loves by wearing their latest alternate uniform, an all black-and-white get-up, a nod to their new home in Brooklyn.

Why is Brooklyn black and white? Did we miss the memo? It wasn’t until the New Jersey Nets crossed a couple of rivers into the borough that any team there donned these colours. The Minor League Brooklyn Cyclones are blue, yellow, and red while the long-gone-but-still-loved Brooklyn Dodgers wore royal blue, white, and red. Could it be the flag? Hmm, no, the Brooklyn flag is predominantly white but there’s no trace of black on there, just a blue and gold seal with gold trim. Subway signs? But those are found throughout NYC, certainly not a Brooklyn only thing.

Clockwise: Brooklyn Cyclones, NYPL All-Star Game, Dodgers Brooklyn throwbacks, Nets Grey-blue alternates
Clockwise: Brooklyn Cyclones, NYPL All-Star Game, Dodgers’ Brooklyn throwbacks, Nets Grey-blue alternates

Yeah, yeah, we all know the real reason, Jay-Z likes black and white, Jay-Z had a minority ownership of the Nets when they started their stint in Brooklyn. So there it is, the New York Islanders are wearing black and white uniforms because those are Jay-Z’s favourite colours. Brilliant. Fantastic.

A look at some photos from last night’s Islanders win over the New Jersey Devils in their new uniforms: