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Buffalo Bills and New York Jets officially unveil Color Rush uniforms

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Last week, we got glimpses at what the NFL and Nike had in store for us for their Thursday Night Football Color Rush uniforms. Now that we’ve gotten a look at both the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets’ uniforms, we can see that they were not messing around when they named this initiative Color Rush, because this is absolutely a rush of color.

First off, both uniforms are monochrome. That means that the Bills are in blood red from the neck down, and the Jets are in Kelly Green from the neck down. So, it’s obvious that these aren’t just the two teams playing color swap with their current uniforms — They’re going all out with the color-on-color action, here.

For the Bills, this is a pretty big deal. They haven’t had a major uniform element of theirs be primarily red since the 2010 season (which is when they ended their decades-long run with red helmets), and this will be the first time in their history that they’ve worn red jerseys or pants. So, to say that this is a new look for the Bills is an understatement. With that being said, the jerseys are definitely pretty solid-looking. I’m not a huge fan of the all-red look with the pants, but again, the jerseys are definitely very nice.

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Meanwhile, the Jets got creative with their Instagram account in order to unveil their new Kelly Green uniforms for the occasion.

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: It sure is nice to see the Jets back in Kelly Green. There’s nothing really bad or terrible about their current look, but Kelly Green is just so much easier on the eyes. Also, since the base helmet is the same color, that means that the Jets’ helmet was also Kelly Green-ified and given the chrome treament as well. Again, this is just a nice look, even if it’s monochrome.

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The NFL and Nike were promising us a rush of color, and they definitely delivered. It’s definitely going to be a point of intrigue to see what they’ve got in store for the other games in this series, but this should definitely be an intriguing uniform matchup for the eyes. What do you think, though? Did they overdo it with the color, or are you all in for this rush?