Texas Longhorns wear 1969 Throwbacks in honor of Freddie Steinmark

Texas throwbacks f
In the crazy world of college football uniforms, it’s pretty hard to break out a special uniform and have it go under the radar. However, that’s exactly what the Texas Longhorns did when they decided to wear 1969 throwbacks in honor of Freddie Steinmark, whose life will be depicted in the upcoming movie My All American.

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Texas throwbacks 2

The reason why these uniforms went under the radar is probably due to the fact that they’re really similar to what they currently wear. Texas is one of those schools that falls into the category of “If you change the football uniforms, we will burn this school down,” so they haven’t made too many changes to their uniforms over their long and storied history — especially the jerseys.

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What is interesting is the helmet. As you can see, there’s a football with “100” emblazoned on it. 1969 was the 100th anniversary of the first college football game ever played, and the NCAA requested that teams commemorate the occasion by wearing a special decal. Texas was one of the schools who participated, hence the “100” decal.

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So yes, these aren’t the most exciting or distinctive throwback uniforms that you’ll ever see, but it’s still a solid uniform — one that would work today, even though I personally prefer what they wear now. This is definitely a good look for Texas, in my opinion.