Memphis Grizzlies will pay tribute to ABA legacy with Sounds uniforms

Grizzlies Sounds uniforms f
The city of Memphis has an extremely interesting basketball history in that the city’s ABA team managed to go through three different identities in five years. That’s astonishing, and proof that the 1970s were indeed a wacky and funky time. Anyways, the Grizzlies have worn throwback uniforms for the Memphis Pros and Memphis Tams in the past, and this season, they’ll be giving the Memphis Sounds their due by wearing throwbacks in their honor.

Grizzlies sounds uniforms 3

Grizzlies Sounds uniforms 1

Grizzlies sounds uniforms 5

All I have to say about the uniforms is just to look at the fonts. While the uniform design itself is pretty tame, the font is quite possibly the most ’70s font you will ever see. Anytime you see a sports team with nameplates that are written out in cursive, you know that you’ve entered the time machine and arrived in the time of disco.

Grizzlies sounds uniforms 2

Grizzlies sounds uniforms 4

(h/t to @OscarPerizHoops for the screencaps)

The Grizzlies will be wearing these funky uniforms for a few occasions this upcoming season. What do you think? Are you going to pick up one of these jerseys? Are you a fan of the font? Did this immediately make you hit one of those old disco moves?