Chicago Bulls are set to wear sleeved gray uniforms on five occasions

Bulls gray f
Normally, the Chicago Bulls wear some pretty good uniforms. Their current home-and-road set is one of the best in the league, their sleeveless black alternate is a nice change of pace, and their current Hardwood Classics uniform is one of the best throwback looks currently being worn in the NBA. With that being said, the Bulls currently have two blemishes on what would be a pretty spotless uniform record: Their sleeved black jerseys, and their new sleeved gray jerseys.

Bulls gray 2

That’s right: The Bulls are hopping on the currently-popular gray-for-gray’s sake bandwagon. They’ll be wearing these uniforms for a handful of games this season against five of their “historic Eastern Conference rivals.” Most of these would be pretty solid uniform matchups, but with the way NBA uniform matchups have looked so far this season, that’s not even a guarantee so maybe there’s a chance we would’ve seen an ugly matchup anyway.

Anyways, friend of the site Conrad Burry has given us a mockup of the entire uniform, including a look at the jock tag on the jersey.

Bulls gray 1

Bulls gray 3

Bulls gray 4

Either way, this isn’t the best look for the Bulls, but we’re in an era where NBA teams are liable to wear something different every single night, so we may as well gt used to it. What do you guys think of the gray jerseys, though? WIll this actually look good on the court? Or is it going to look just as bad in real life as it does on paper?