Virginia Tech will wear all-black uniforms as part of Frank Beamer honors

Virginia Tech black f
We’ve got yet another college football team who’s decided to break out all-black uniforms, and this time it’s coming from the Virginia Tech Hokies. Now, the Hokies are no stranger to wearing all-black uniforms, but this will be the first time that they’ve gone all-black with their current, traditional-looking uniform template.

Virginia tech black 2

One of the weirder things about this look is the fact that the shoulder stripes are orange-maroon-orange. Considering how dark the shade of maroon is, it feels like they should’ve just gone all the way black-for-black’s sake and replaced the maroon with black. But that’s just a minor quibble when it comes to the major quibbles that I have with this uniform.

Virginia Tech black 1

The Hokies will be wearing these unis in order to commemorate legendary coach Frank Beamer’s final home game. In fact, Beamer himself was the one who gave the blessing to wear these uniforms, and they’lll also be wearing a special patch honoring Beamer on the jerseys and helmets as well.

Virginia Tech black 3

Virginia tech black 4

Meanwhile, Virginia Tech has also announced that they’ll be wearing a “retro look” for their final road game of the season, that will harken back to the Frank Beamer’s first season as Virginia Tech’s head coach. Judging by the image from the article above, we’ll probably see throwback helmets as well.

Virginia tech black 5

So, in the span of two weeks, we’ll be seeing the Hokies go from an extremely unnecessary all-black look to a supposedly retro look. It’ll be an interesting fortnight of uniforms for Virginia Tech. What do you guys make of this news, though?