New York Knicks will wear throwback jerseys for Turnback Tuesdays

Knicks Throwbacks F
A couple of weeks ago, we got a look at a mockup of the Knicks 1950s-era throwback uniforms that they’d be wearing at what was then an unspecified date. Now, we know when the Knicks will break out the throwbacks, and that date is tonight. Apparently, the team is going to be doing a Turnback Tuesday promotion, which means that if you’re going to see these throwbacks from the Knicks, it’ll be for a Tuesday night home game.

Knicks throwbacks

Therefore, the Knicks are in throwback gear for their game against the Hornets tonight.

Knicks Throwbacks 2

Knicks Throwbacks 1

You can see the shorts sitting behind the jersey in the photo above, and we also got a sneak peek at the shorts during Knicks warmups:

Knicks Throwbacks 3

Unfortunately, we probably won’t see a belt design, so if you’re a stickler for historical accuracy, you won’t be getting that detail. With that being said, it’s still a pretty solid throwback. I’d say that their current uniforms are better, but these will be a nice change of pace for the Knicks, in my opinion.

Do you guys agree, or should they keep these throwbacks where they found them?