Warriors set up alt court design for Hardwood Classics Night

Warriors Court feature
Tonight is the first Hardwood Classics night of the season for the Golden State Warriors, and it’s a special one for us logo/uniform nerds for a couple of reasons. First off, the throwbacks that the Warriors will be wearing tonight are simply beautiful. There’s really nothing else you can say about them: They’re just beautiful.

Warriors Throwbacks

Warriors throwbacks f

Secondly, the Warriors will be playing on an alternate court design, as they’ve put the famous “City” logo at center court in the Oracle Arena.

Warriors court 1

That’s the only major change that was made to the court, but when you take into consideration the logo that it’s replacing, then it’s impossible to say that this isn’t an upgrade on the Warriors’ regular court design.

Warriors court 1

So, are you excited for this throwback look for the Warriors? I’m expecting a resounding “Yes” below.