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Dallas Cowboys bring back Double-Star look with Color Rush uniforms

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The Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers have both unveiled their Color Rush uniforms for their Thanksgiving clash, and one team is bringing back a familiar look while another is adding to an already solid look.

The Cowboys are bringing back their old Double-Star alternate, and since this is the Color Rush, that means that white pants will be accompanying the Double-Star alts. As a result, this will be the first time that the Cowboys will have worn all-white from the neck down since 1994, when they wore 1960s throwbacks for the 1994 Diamond Season. With that being said, sometimes breaking tradition is a good thing, and I’d say that this is definitely a really good look for the Cowboys.

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Meanwhile, the Panthers are wearing their normal Electric Blue jerseys, but there’s a twist from the waist down: Electric Blue pants! The Carolina Panthers are one of those rare teams in which their uniforms are so solid that certain combos that shouldn’t work (such as their all-black look) actually do, and this definitely works for the Panthers. That shade of blue is just amazing, and the it’s one of those rare monochrome looks that is actually pleasing on the eye.

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Overall, this is probably as good as it’ll get for the Color Rush program. Whenever the Cowboys wear shades of blue and silver that (almost) match, it’s always a good thing. Meanwhile, the Panthers will be wearing their awesome shade of blue from head-to-toe, and that’s always nice. This won’t be a bad matchup at all, in my opinion.

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Do you agree that this is actually a good-looking matchup, or have you had enough of the Color Rush, already? If the answer is the latter, then I don’t blame you when you consider what’s going on in Jacksonville right now.