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Texas League Adopts New Logo

texas league new logo

Certain things come in groups of threes: celebrity deaths, stooges, and now apparently new league logos for Minor League Baseball.

Following in the footsteps of new logos for the Appalachian League and Southern League comes the new logo of the Texas League, designed this time by Schilling/Sellmeyer and Associates, an advertising/marketing agency based out of Springfield, MO.

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The new mark keeps the prominent Texas imagery by again using the state flag as the main focal point of the design, the flag now more in the shape of the logos of Minor and Major League Baseball features a ballplayer swinging at a pitch in the foreground. Below the flag/player/pill is the league name and establishment date in (what looks to be) a modified Veneer font.

“It’s been more than 20 years since the Texas League’s last logo redesign, so the league collectively felt it was time for a revamped look. Our goal was to stay simple and strong, while not losing sight of the great history of the league. The ‘Star’ in particular not only signifies the Texas connection, but it also represents the future stars of Major League Baseball that our teams’ fans get to watch on a nightly basis. We have so many great individual brands in the league, this is a great complement to them.” – Texas League President Tom Kayser

The Texas League was originally founded in 1888 but has been stopped and revived and re-named a few times since then. There are currently eight teams in the Double-A affiliated league, half of which are located outside Texas.