Blackhawks, Wild Unveil Stadium Series Jerseys

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The Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild have both unveiled their 2016 Stadium Series uniforms, they will be worn for their game against each other outdoors at TCF Bank Stadium in Minnesota on February 21, 2016.

The Blackhawks jersey is white with the Blackhawks modern primary logo on the chest, a black shoulder yoke with those giant player numbers now moved up to the shoulders.

Things start to look pretty good when you get to the sleeves — we see three large black/red stripes with the Blackhawks standard shoulder logo in the middle of them. A nod to how that patch was placed in the 1950s (and in last year’s Winter Classic) but the stripes were never that large. Hey, that’s not a bad thing, I actually quite like this part of the jersey.

On the collar (because this is a thing now) there are four Chicago-flag stars. Also note that the collar is only on the left side of the jersey.

An official explanation of the Blackhawks uniform below… yup, they really went with “City of Big Shoulders” for the reason for that shoulder yoke.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.30.07

Minnesota will be decked out in green from head to toe, the big shoulders (so, is Minnesota the “state of big shoulders”?) are in wheat or beige.

The standard primary logo is on the chest, with a red and beige stripe on the arms. Giant player numbers on the sleeves, no not on the shoulders. On the left shoulder is their “State of Hockey” patch — first time this has appeared on a uniform I believe, the other has the Stadium Series logo. Speaking of which, that patch looks to be absent on the Blackhawks jersey. Huh.

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So it’s the Template Bowl, which re-colouring do you like better? Sound off in the comments.