Padres Going Yellow, New Hat Leaks on Twitter

Padres New Hat Leak

If you saw the 2016 MLB All-Star Game logo then this can’t come as a surprise to you.

Late last night the new ballcap of the San Diego Padres was posted on Twitter by user @SDHatGuy, the photo shows the Padres familiar “SD” cap logo with the “D” now in yellow.

Padres Leak

Padres Leak 2

Padres Leak 3

This cap matches details of the home cap which had been relayed to us previously, although we have not been able to 100% confirm these photos you see here to be accurate we can say with great certainty that this is what the Padres will be wearing in 2016.

While yellow is nothing new for the Padres, having worn it previously from 1969-1984, pairing it with navy blue is. This is yet another new colour scheme for the identity challenged California ballclub, one who has seen ten different schemes (alternates included) since the late 1970s.

1969-79: Brown and yellow
1980-84: Brown, yellow, and orange
1985-90: Brown and orange
1991-2003: Blue and orange
1998-2003: Blue and white*
2004-10: Blue, khaki, and powder blue
2006-10: Camo green, yellow, and cream*
2011-15: Blue and khaki
2011-: Camo brown, beige, and tan*
2016-: Blue and yellow
(*-alternate uniforms; please note 2016 colours not yet confirmed)

We’ve also heard reports that the club will adopt a new home alternate uniform which will apparently cause great excitement with Padres fans. We haven’t seen it ourselves so we can’t say for sure but it certainly gives us something else to all look forward to over the next few weeks.



Well I’ve received some information about the new Padres look for 2016, all of this comes from extremely reliable sources; reliable enough that I’m confident in calling this 100% confirmed despite not seeing any of these myself.

  • Yellow is being added to the colour scheme, the cap pictured is legit and will be worn with the home uniform. The blue/yellow is a trial, it could be turfed quickly if it isn’t popular.
  • The home white jersey will feature a new blue and yellow wordmark across the chest, “bowtie” style. Correction: home jersey will have the “SD” logo on the chest, similar in style to the current navy blue alternate jersey
  • Road uniform is untouched aside from the addition of the 2016 All-Star Game patch. Same cap as 2015, no yellow at all.
  • There will be a new alternate home uniform which will incorporate the retro colours of brown and mustard. The jersey itself will be brown and feature the new Padres “Bowtie” style wordmark across in yellow, this will be worn with a brown cap.
  • The camouflage jersey will be blue in 2016 and also make use of the new Padres “Bowtie” wordmark.
  • The modern “Swinging Friar” logo will not be worn on the jerseys.


So, fans of the brown and yellow… there’s something for you to look forward to! I like the idea of blue camouflage too.