Ottawa RedBlacks Phantom Grey Cup Champs


redblacks feat

Props to the Ottawa RedBlacks.

I mean seriously, making it to the championship in just your second season is nothing to be ashamed of… that’s what the Ottawa RedBlacks and their fans have to take away from this 2015 CFL season on the morning after their loss to the Edmonton Eskimos. Sure, it’s been a tough half-century for Ottawa football fans but clearly, things are looking up (looking waaaaaay up) compared to how they did just 5 or 6 years ago.

With that said, here’s the caps and t-shirts which you would have seen for sale at Rideau Centre or wherever you typically do your Grey Cup Championship shopping.

redblacks grey cup champs cap

redblacks grey cup champs shirt 1

redblacks grey cup champs shirt 2

redblacks grey cup champs shirt 3

redblacks grey cup champs shirt 4

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