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ESPN Uses Wrong RedBlacks Logo

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What a bittersweet week for the Ottawa RedBlacks, first they earn a trip to the Grey Cup in just their second season, but lose by just a touchdown; then they get some love South of the border on ESPN… but they use the wrong logo (and forgot to cut out a little of the light background in the bottom part of the football, heads up!)

It’s not even just an outdated logo, it’s a logo the team has never actually used.

The logo shown up there behind Chris “Hey, it’s the First of Decem”-Berman during Sportscenter was designed by Andy Davidhazy and his team when pitching logos to the RedBlacks prior to their first season. They ultimately chose one of Davidhazy’s other designs.

Some of Andy Davidhazy's Proposed RedBlacks logos
Some of Andy Davidhazy’s Proposed RedBlacks logos

Another instance of a big sports network relying on a simple, quick Google Image search to do their research for them.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.18.44

Perhaps somebody could send these guys a note about a certain website which (usually *coughs NCAA*) has the actual official logos for every team out there? Including these very Ottawa RedBlacks.

I dunno. We’re not hiding, are we?


(Screencap at top courtesy Marc in the comments below, good job Marc!)