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Back to Brown! (Among Others) San Diego Padres Unveil New Uniforms

padres new unis

The San Diego Padres unveiled three new uniforms for the 2016 season today, a new home white, new Friday home alternate, and new camouflage alternate jersey. The uniforms were unveiled over the course of four hours, the first – showing the new blue camo’s taking place on a Navy ship, the rest several hours later.

We’ll start chronologically with the new digital camouflage military themed uniforms:

padres camo 4

Padres camo 2

This time, the camo look for the Padres is based on the Navy’s digital camo uniforms. That means that this is mostly navy-blue, which means that this will actually fit right in with the team’s color scheme. So, the days of the team wearing green camo or brown camo are now by the wayside, and it’s all thanks to the Navy.

padres camo 1

Meanwhile, the most interesting part of this unveiling has to do with the script logo on the chest. This is brand new, and it’ll be the team’s new script logo going forward, it is also being worn on the new brown-and-yellow alternates which were unveiled later on in the day.

padres camo 5

Padres camo 3

(h/t to @sdutrachel, @lobshots, and @BenHigginsSD for the camo jersey images)

Later the Padres unveiled their new home white jerseys which the team is calling the first ever season long commemorative All-Star Game jersey to be worn by a team.

This is scary.

This might be a new thing.

padres new home jersey

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 20.43.46

The uniform is in the colours of the 2016 All-Star Game, hosted by those same San Diego Padres, white is the base colour with blue and yellow piping up the front and around the cuffs. On the chest, the blue “SD” primary team logo trimmed in yellow. The cap also features a yellow “D” in the blue/yellow “SD” logo. It’s the same cap we saw leaked last week.

Fans of the brown and yellow Padres may want to sit down for this next one…

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 20.47.26

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 20.35.55

To be worn every Friday home game (paired with a retro style brown cap with yellow front panel), the new Padres alternate jersey pays tribute to the club’s original colour scheme, which was worn from 1969 through 1984.

This is the colour scheme the Padres need to be going with full-time. It’s them. You see a brown and yellow baseball team you know instantly who it is… you see a navy blue baseball team and, well, pick a noun. That’s them.

What was news to me (but apparently not to some of you) was the addition of the MLB batter logo to the back of the pants, around the waist area, as seen here in this photo courtesy @jessagler:

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 20.33.53

MLB Tramp Stamp, yeah! It’s the future baby!