Florida Panthers Staying Put, Re-Design Coming

florida panthers

It’s a big day for fans of the Florida Panthers.

All three of you.

I’m just teasing. Relax! Put your feet up as you watch the game. That was by far my most favourite thing to do when my team was averaging more empty seats than occupied. I have a soft spot for the Panthers, saw my first two NHL games at the old National Car Rental Center.


Today the Florida Panthers announced that not only would they be sticking around South Florida for the next 13 years, thanks to a new deal with the county, but that they will be re-branding in time for next season.

According to a Tweet by George Richards of the Miami Herald:

Firstly, the good news is that the colours are sticking around. Blue, red, and gold/yellow is one of the best underused colour schemes in sports (remember the old Colorado Rockies? Amazing).

Secondly, so could this be the first Adidas focused re-design? The league is making a switch from Reebok to Adidas for 2017, yes one owns the other, but they certainly have different design teams and styles associated with each brand. Three stripes? Three claw marks?

Richards later went on to Tweet that he wouldn’t be surprised to see the original uniforms return as an alternate… Um, yes please! The inaugural season Panthers road red jersey was a thing of beauty, it was also the first sports jersey I ever owned. Bring it back!

This would be the first logo re-design in Florida Panthers history, the team has used the same logo (with mild colour adjustments) since their first season in 1993. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open on this one and let you know if we find out anything in the meantime.


UPDATE Dec 11/15:

Mr. Richards has posted a further update to the new Panthers logo:

In case you’re unfamiliar with the patch of the 101st Airborne, it’s an eagle head inside a shield:

101st Airborne Badge

So… a red, blue, and gold Florida panther head within a shield? Maybe something like this?

panthers 101st

Probably not, I doubt they’ll just re-use the old third jersey crest and I’m sure it’ll look more polished and shiny.