Best, Worst Sports Logo For Each U.S. State and Canadian Province

logos by state 2015

What team has the number one logo in your home state? Is it the local college? Perhaps the lone NFL team? Or maybe some obscure minor league club you’ve never even heard of.

Well, now you can find out for sure, thanks to the readers of SportsLogos.Net we’ve been able to find the highest rated still-in-use primary team logo for each state and province in the United States and Canada.

Some surprises, only one Major League Baseball team takes the top spot and it’s in Canada, certainly a surprise for “America’s Game”. Several NHL clubs top their home state or province in both the U.S. and Canada, while a couple of southern states count minor league hockey clubs as their top logo.

Have a look for yourself, click image for larger version (Note: please don’t link directly to the image, instead link to this article)

Top Logos By State 2015


A breakdown of how the 61 states/provinces/districts of columbia were won by sport…

Hockey: 20
College: 14
Basketball: 10
Baseball: 6
Football: 6
Soccer: 5

And now by level of play…

Minor Leagues: 24
Major “Big 5” Leagues: 23
College: 14

Unsure about what a particular logo is on the graphic? Please ask in the comments, I’ll be happy to clarify what each team is if it is hard to tell.

Wondering how you can rate logos? It’s simple! Go to SportsLogos.Net, navigate to a logo detail page and click the stars to the left of the graphic under the heading “Logo Rating”, see this graphic for an example. You can only vote once per logo and once you vote you cannot change your score for that logo, so make sure you get it right!


Update: Due to the popularity of this graphic we’ve made another showing the lowest rating logo for each state. Again, only currently used primary team logos were eligible. Note that we only had one logo eligible for both Hawaii and Wyoming so they are listed as both best and worst. There were also a couple of states which only had two or three logos to qualify so you’ll see the odd decent logo in there as well.

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worst logos by state


Mostly junior and low-level minor sports teams taking top (or bottom) prize here, the Toronto Raptors are the lone NBA entry while the Cleveland Indians are MLB’s only bottom-logo team. No NHL or NFL clubs were rated the worst.