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DC United officially unveils new crest

DC United crest 1
Earlier this week, MLS charter club DC United had their brand new logo hit the internet a tad bit early. With that being said, the leak probably stoked a bit of excitement since the logo itself was a nice upgrade over their old logo. So now, DC United has revealed their new logo, and we’re welcoming it with open arms.

DC United crest 2

According to DC United’s press release, the club has had this in the works since doing market research two years ago, and this is the result of that long process. Here’s an explanation from the release:

The research pointed to the need for modernization to reflect the growth of the sport and the league in the United States. The current brand did not adequately represent the United community. Maintaining a strong tie to the tradition of the club was a priority, because that same research also spoke to the strong sense of nostalgia and tradition of the community, a tradition that the club is supremely proud of. An evolution seemed to be the best approach to make the brand more broadly appealing, and the timing could not be more appropriate as D.C. United prepare to move forward into a permanent home.

At the top of the crest, the wordmark is written in a new, handlettered font, bringing contemporary design and greater readability, while also showcasing the confidence of the evolved brand.

The shape of the shield is based on the George Washington family crest as well, which dates back to 1559, and provides a distinct connection between the club and the nation’s capital. This version of the crest still hangs as a stained glass window at Selby Abbey in Yorkshire, England.

The “Stars and Bars” are taken from the D.C. flag, but originate with the Washington family crest, and create an unbreakable bond with the District while instilling a sense of place. The red coloring is intensified to reinforce the club’s passion, while the overall logo presents itself as more black, representing United’s grit and conviction.

The shape of the eagle’s head has not changed since the team’s inception in 1996 maintaining a sense of tradition, but is now turned to the right, confidently looking forward. The wings of the eagle have been enlarged and are escaping out of the shield, reinforcing the core brand value of freedom.

If you’re prefer your information via infographic, then United has you covered as well.

DC United crest 3rd

Again, this is a pretty big upgrade in my opinion, and this will look nice on the new jerseys that are surely on the way. With that being said, since this is MLS, we’ll have to wait until Jersey Week, which will be in February of next year. That’s going to be such a long wait, because I’m pretty excited to see this new logo in action.

What do you think? Do you agree that it’s an upgrade?