Miami Dolphins paint their field in throwback design for throwback night

Dolphins throwback field f
The long wait is finally over — the Miami Dolphins are finally going to wear their amazing throwback uniforms. They unveiled these uniforms during the preseason, but they also teased us by saying that they wouldn’t wear these uniforms until their appearance on Monday Night Football in mid-December.

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Well, the time has come for the Dolphins to wear the throwbacks, and the field will be getting into the act as well. The Dolphins have given the field at Sun Life Stadium the throwback treatment, which includes the retro logo at midfield and a classic diamond design in the endzone.

Dolphins throwback field

Dolphins throwback field 1

Dolphins throwback field 2

It’s always nice to see teams go all out for throwback nights, and the Dolphins are doing a pretty good job of getting in on the act. It’s weird to see teams wearing throwbacks with modern logos on the field, so this is a pleasant sight to see. What do you guys think, though? Are you ready to see the Dolphins in those beautiful throwbacks?