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San Angelo Bandits unveil wild new football uniforms

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Do you remember back in the ’90s when teams across sports were experimenting with astonishingly anti-traditional uniforms? From the Turn Ahead the Clock uniforms in baseball to the CFL’s flirtation with weird football uniforms during their short-lived expansion into the United States in the ’90s. Well, one indoor football team in Texas has decided to bring that particular look back to the forefront.

The San Angelo Bandits of CIF (Champions Indoor Football) have unveiled their new logo and uniforms for their upcoming season, and before we talk about the uniforms, I have to say that the logo is pretty solid.

San Angelo Bandits 3

San Angelo Bandits 6

Apparently, the Bandits loved the logo so much that they decided to plaster it all over their home uniforms.

San Angelo Bandits 4

San Angelo Bandits 1

San Angelo Bandits 7

Yeah, this is a look that’s ripped straight from the playbook of 1990s sports fashion. I’m honestly shocked that someone would decide to bring this particular part of the ’90s back, but I guess you’ve got to do what you can to grab attention when you’re an indoor football team, right?

The weird thing here is that the road uniforms are pretty tame in comparison. Granted, they’re still wild in their own way, but they definitely look more like your standard-fare football uniform than what the home uniform looks like.

San Angelo BAndits 5

San Angelo Bandits 2

Amazingly, that home uniform may not be the ugliest uniform that the team has worn in its short history. Feast your eyes upon one of their alt uniforms from last season.

San Angelo Bandits 8

San Angelo Bandits 9

So yes, the 2016 home uniform for the Bandits could actually be considered an upgrade over what you just saw. I don’t know if that’s absolutely hilarious or utterly sad. Either way, it’s interesting, and the fact that we’re talking about it means that they’ve done their job in garnering attention.

Meanwhile, on the complete opposite spectrum of indoor football fashion, the IFL (Indoor Football League)’s Spokane Empire released these beautiful uniforms today.

Spokane Empire

This is honestly a better look than some of what you’ll see on Saturdays and Sundays on TV, and it’s 1000% better than the images you saw above this one. What a wild and wacky enterprise indoor football is!