Louisiana Tech running back sets FBS record while wearing numberless jersey

Kenneth Dixon Louisiana Tech 4
During Saturday’s New Orleans Bowl, Louisiana Tech running back Kenneth Dixon set the FBS record for career touchdowns during the game. He accomplished this feat with no numbers on the front of his jersey.

Kenneth Dixon Louisiana Tech 1

Kenneth Dixon Louisiana Tech 3

Of course, this wasn’t by design — the numbers had been ripped off during the course of the game, and by the time he got around to the record-setting moment in the 3rd quarter, the numbers were on their last legs.

Kenneth Dixon Louisiana Tech 5

Kenneth Dixon Louisiana Tech 6

Kenneth Dixon Louisiana Tech 7

Fortunately, the Louisiana Tech equipment crew was prepared for the situation. They were hard at work trying to find a solution for the problem, and eventually Dixon played the rest of the game as #1 for the Bulldogs.

Kenneth Dixon Louisiana Tech 2

So at the end of the night, Dixon ended up being #1 on the field, #1 in the FBS career touchdown leaderboard, and #1 in our hearts for accomplishing this feat while the other teams as trying to tear off his numbers in the process. Well done, Mr. Dixon.

With that being said, can you guys remember similar situations of numbers falling off? I Know that it’s happened a few times in the past, but it’s always interesting to see it happen in such a historic moment as this.