Duke Blue Devils football throws it back to the 1960s with bowl helmet

Duke throwback helmets f
The Duke Blue Devils are going to be participating in this year’s Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium, which is where they’ll be facing off against the Indiana Hoosiers. Duke already has a bit of an old-school look with their current primary uniforms, but they’ve decided to dig deep into their logo and uniform catalog for their special Pinstripe Bowl helmets.

Duke throwback helmets

If you’re a Duke fan, then that logo should actually look familiar. That particular Blue Devil is actually the school’s primary athletic logo from 1966-1970, and according to The Helmet Project and MG Helmets, the logo was present on the right side of their helmets from 1966-1969.

This is actually a pretty interesting development, if only because it’ll be strange to see this logo being worn with the team’s black jerseys. It’s a weird juxtaposition of old vs. new, and it’ll definitely be weird seeing the two uniform elements being used together for the Pinstripe Bowl. We’ll have to see how they look together, but right now, my expectations aren’t that high. With that being said, it’s a very cool logo and I’m glad to see that Duke hasn’t forgotten about it.

So, what do you think? Are you glad to see the old Blue Devil make a return, here? Or do you think that Duke should’ve stuck with the regular look?