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Hall of Fame Open to Backwards Cap on Griffey Plaque

griffey backwards cap

The Kid is in.

Ken Griffey, Jr. was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday evening with a record 99.3% of the vote, longtime catcher Mike Piazza joining him to round out the “Class of 2016”.

As is almost always the case when a player gets elected the debate immediately turned to, “which cap should Griffey wear?”, but this time the debate was decidedly different, it wasn’t so much “which” cap, it was “which way”…

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.24.39

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.25.33

I found myself in the same camp as Mr. Spector, a backwards cap would be pretty fantastic; it’d be the plaque you go out of your way to see for yourself, your kids, and any not-so-into-baseball person forced into stopping off in Cooperstown on the way to New York. But it’s just not something I’d ever see the Hall of Fame allowing.

Cue the record scratch.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 09.56.59

Well alright then! If it’s a possibility then there’s very little reason why this shouldn’t happen. The only argument that causes me to pause for a second is the idea that this means Griffey would not have a Mariners, Reds, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, or even a White Sox logo on his bust, if you use any image of him (from the last 19 seasons of his career) he’d be wearing a Major League Baseball logo… That’s kinda weird, right?

Even MLB.com got into the fun, Photoshopping a photo of him with the backwards cap onto a HOF plaque.

Griffey backwards plaque

Yes, they used a cap with an MLB logo on it.

But whatever, MLB logo or not seeing Griff wearing a backwards cap is how most ball fans picture him, matched maybe by his sweet sweet swing… but that really isn’t plaque-able.

As for Griffey’s preference?

“I haven’t really thought about the hat backwards… I’ll think more about it tomorrow.”

Safe to say, we’ll be waiting to hear what you decide.



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