Clemson Tigers 2015 Phantom Champs Merchandise


No victory stripes for this tiger… Clemson couldn’t quite pull it out last night, alas Alabama rolled on to their sixteenth NCAA football National Championship.

But what if Clemson did it? The game was close, it could have easily gone their way. What would their players wear as they celebrated? What about their fans? What would you see on store shelves and in the man caves of South Carolina for years and years to come? Don’t worry, we got your “alternate time line” answers right here…

Behold, the actual caps, shirts, flags, pennants, mugs, etc. which would have been for sale as early as this morning, starting with the “locker room celebration gear” the players would have worn after the game:

locker room cap

locker room shirt

And moving on to what their fans would have been able to buy. Click any of the images below for a larger version:

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