Rams execs speak about potential uniform changes

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Earlier this week, we got confirmation that the St. Louis Rams would be returning to Los Angeles for a second stint as the Los Angeles Rams. Naturally, there’s been a bit of a clamor for the Rams to return to the look that they abandoned after their lone Super Bowl-winning season in St. Louis and the look that they had when they left Los Angeles in the first place.

In an exclusive interview with the Los Angeles Times, Rams owner Stan Kroenke and COO Kevin Demoff took a bunch of questions concerning the Rams’ return to the City of Angels, and naturally, one of the questions was about the uniforms. The reporters for the LA Times asked the question that I’m sure all of you reading this were thinking about: Are we going to see the Rams go back to their old uniforms?

Q: Will you bring back the old L.A. Rams uniforms?

Demoff: I think the philosophy on the uniforms is a microcosm of the philosophy of the project. Yes, we have a rich tradition and history in Los Angeles. We have colors that people identify with. We have historic players. You want to carry some of that forward.

But, we’re also about to enter a world-class stadium that should be one of the best. … Yes, the Rams are coming back. It’s not the Rams from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s. This is Stan’s vision and Stan’s stadium. We want to make sure we represent best in class in every aspect while we borrow from the Rams’ legacy. When I look at the Rams’ return to L.A., that’s what people are excited about — it’s modern NFL mixed with the team they grew up with.

I’ve gotta say, Mr. Demoff did a pretty good job of dancing around the question, but one thing seems to be pretty clear — he doesn’t seem to be indicating that the Rams will be going back to their old uniforms. If anything, it seems as if any changes would see the Rams bring back certain aspects of their past for a modern design. So, I’d say that there’s a possibility that the old colors could come back, but I don’t think that they’ll be going back to the old uniforms on a regular basis.

Don't hold your breath on seeing these uniforms return (credit to gridiron-uniforms.com)
Don’t hold your breath on seeing these uniforms return (credit to gridiron-uniforms.com)

What do you all think about this, though? Do you think the Rams should go back to their old uniforms? Would you like to see them do something with the old colors with new uniforms? Do you think they should just keep what they already have?