Omaha Beef attempt to one-up San Angelo Bandits with crazy uniforms

omaha beef f
The Champions Indoor Football league is at it again! After the CIF’s San Angelo Bandits unveiled one of the craziest home uniforms that we’ve seen since the 1990s — when this type of thing was in style — the Omaha Beef have decided that not only will they adopt that style as well, they’ll also use it for all three of their uniforms.

omaha beef 1

omaha beef 2

omaha beef 3

Again, they’re actually going to wear these uniforms. If you don’t believe me, then check out the same template for the San Angelo Bandits’ wacky home uniforms. Although these uniforms will probably look a bit different once they’re actually unveiled, the general idea is still there. Plus, the Beef are going all-in on this since they’ve decided to use this template for all three uniforms. It’s wild!

The Beef are in the same league as the Bandits, which means that we could potentially see one of the wackiest uniform matchups in the history of indoor football. When you consider all of the zany and wild uniforms that we’ve seen in indoor football, the fact that this potential matchup could be one of the crazier ones is really saying something. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for that game when it eventually rolls around. Also, the fact that we’re even talking about this is a huge win for both the Beef and the Bandits. Way to go, guys.

What do you make of this? Are these the craziest uniforms you’ve seen when it comes to indoor football?