Augusta University settles on name with new logos

Augusta University f
The school that is now known as Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia has been going through a bit of an identity crisis as of late. In January 2012, Augusta State University merged with Georgia Health Sciences University to form what was then known as Georgia Regents University. In October of that year, the school changed its name to Georgia Regents University Augusta, and in 2015, they finally settled on their current name: Augusta University.

Now, as if to make sure that the school is totally serious about sticking to this name, the school unveiled both academic and athletic logos

AUgusta University 1

For reference’s sake, here’s one of their old logos from their Georgia Regents University days.

Augusta University GRU

As you can see, this is a decent-sized upgrade when it comes to the jaguar. Meanwhile, here are the academic logos with a bit of an explanation from the school’s president, as well.

Augusta University 2

School officials and students tell us they are excited about the new Augusta University Logo.

The community really has saved the “A”, as you can see the letter “A” in the bell tower design of the logo, which will be used across campus. On the Athletics logos, the victory “A” and the Jaguar both look more aggressive than the older GRU logos.

President Brooks Keel addressed the new look Thursday, saying the roll-out is all about bringing the community together. In a message on the Augusta University website, Keel says the new branding campaign, “is one that evokes pride and passion and one that will sustain our great organization for centuries to come.”

The key word at the end of that quote is “sustain.” The school has been through a lot of changes lately, and hopefully this new identity will be one that the school sticks with for a long time. It’s definitely not a bad look at all, and the students seem excited enough about the change, so maybe this will stick for a while. What do you think?