Detroit Lions will reportedly have new alternate uniforms in 2016

Lions alt 2016 f
Ever since the 2011 season, the Detroit Lions have stuck to having two jerseys: Their blue home jersey and their white away jersey. Also, aside from breaking out their throwback uniforms in 2010 and 2008, they haven’t had a real alternate uniform since 2007, which was the last season in which they wore their black-for-black’s sake uniform. In fact, they haven’t had an alternate since they updated their primary logo and went to their current uniform design.

Lions alt 2016 2

However, if what we’re hearing from Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press is correct, then it appears that the alternate drought for the Lions is about to come to an end.

Lions alt 2016 1

This is probably true since the newspaper actually reported this news back in August of 2015 (hat tip to the crew at SB Nation’s Pride of Detroit for pointing this out). Either way, it’s a reminder that alternate uniforms are indeed on the way for the Lions. Personally, I’m hoping that they do a better job than just coming up with black jerseys and calling it a day.

Lions alt 2016 3

What do you think we’re going to see the Lions and Nike come up with for an alternate design?