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Are We Family? Pirates New 70s Retro Jersey Leaks

Pirates Yellow Jersey 1979

The Pittsburgh Pirates are goin’ back to the 1970s! If a potential leak on Twitter yesterday is accurate.

Cue the poor, well-intending Pirates employee, sharing a photo of team uniforms hanging up; excited, he Tweets a photo showing the jerseys ready to go for the upcoming 2016 season.

The problem? Yeah, one of those jerseys hadn’t been released yet. Eep.

Pirates Tweet

From the photo above (in which I’ve cropped out his name, no need to pile on) all we see is the sleeve, but it’s enough of a hint that we can safely assume it’s a nod to the uniforms worn by the 1979 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates, a photo of which can be seen at the very top of this post in the most 1970s baseball photo ever taken. Note that the sleeve and collar striping matches up quite well.

Looking at that row of jerseys it looks like we have the home whites, alternate blacks, road greys, alternate camouflage, and new yellow alternate. I don’t see the white pullover “Sunday home alternates” the club has worn for the past three seasons, looks like the yellows are replacing it.