Leafs Tease New Logo, Announce Unveiling Date

leafs tease

Well, I suppose it’s official now!

Confirming a story we first broke last month, the Toronto Maple Leafs have announced they will be unveiling their new logo during episode five of their “The Leaf: Blueprint” video series this coming Tuesday at 9:30pm ET.

They also gave us a little tease of the new look.

Following a video mostly showing clips of the Leafs uniforms worn in the early 1960s and late 1960s, with a little of the 1970s look thrown in, the screen panned over a white wordmark on blue. We stitched together a few screen caps to give you a full look at what was shown:

Leafs Logo Teaser

The wordmark is in the same style as that used on the two 1960s logos, “TORONTO” arched over “MAPLE LEAFS” stacked and straight. The font is pretty close to the 1938-67 design but does show some slight differences (most noticeable in the “R” of TORONTO). Compare:

Leafs Wordmark Compare

Those are the three previous in-the-leaf fonts used by the team, what we’ve seen from the teaser of the new one below.

Watch the video of the teaser yourself here and be sure to check back here on Tuesday, February 2nd at 9:30pm ET for the news following the big unveiling.