Peyton Manning wore a champions hat with “champions” printed upside-down

manning hat f
We’ve got some more Super Bowl merchandise news for you, but it isn’t Phantom Merchandise. Instead, we’re here to talk about defective merchandise!

manning hat 1

After last night’s defensive slugfest between the Carolina Panthers and the victorious Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning more-than-likely rode off into the sunset as a Super Bowl champion. The crew at @sportsphotos noticed that he did so wearing a defective hat.

manning hat 2

Yeah, as you can see, the word “champions” was printed upside down on the adjustable strap. Meanwhile, SB Nation noticed that Manning was the only player on the Broncos who ended up with a defective hat.

manning hat 3

Of all players to end up with a botched-up hat, it ended being the most high-profile player on the team. Go figure. However, considering that Peyton was very much a passenger on his final ride into the sunset compared to his previous ventures this far into the playoffs, it’s probably fitting that he ended up getting the weird hat when compared to his teammates.

With that being said, I’m pretty sure that Peyton Manning probably won’t mind having a defective Super Bowl Champions hat, given that he had to actually win the Super Bowl in order to get the weird hat.