Everybody panic! Flint Tropics to take to the ice


The Flint Firebirds are making a splash in their debut season in the Ontario Hockey League. This Saturday, February 13, they’ll bring to life the fictional Flint Tropics, first imagined by Will Ferrell as a basketball team in the 2008 movie Semi-Pro.


FirebirdsThe Firebirds will adopt the decidedly un-Michigan color scheme first seen on the big screen as worn by Jackie Moon, Clarence Black, and Monix, teammates on a plucky ABA team trying to secure its spot in the NBA. The uniforms will feature custom jerseys, pants, and socks.

All of this frivolity and fun comes on the heels of much-publicized team drama earlier this season. In November, head coach John Gruden was fired, ostensibly for not giving the team owners’ son enough playing time, then rehired after the entire team quit in protest.




For a minor league hockey team in its inaugural season, this is a particularly strong idea for a promotion. The night will feature giveaways, tropical music, and a live auction of game-worn jerseys after the game. No word yet on whether a live bear will be released in the arena.