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Panthers Celebrate Jagr Birthday With Franken-Jersey Cake

Panthers Jagr Cake

Jaromir Jagr is 44 years old today, when he played his first game in the NHL 43% of the teams in the league today had yet to play their first game. Around 35% of the players in the league today weren’t even born.

Did we mention he’s still playing pretty damn good on a first place team?

Let that all sink in for a minute.

To help celebrate Jagr’s birthday the Florida Panthers, the latest stop on his round-the-world tour, presented him with a cake featuring half of a Panthers jersey and half of a Czech Republich national team jersey, complete with fake laces stitching the two together up the middle (I especially like the candy shoulder patch, nice attention to detail!)



Jaromir’s not the first to get a jersey cake (although I’ve yet to see a Franken-jersey cake quite like this one), my wife surprised me with this swell Toronto Blue Jays cake for my 30th birthday a few Summers ago:

Chris 30th birthday cake

Happy birthday Jaromir! May you play forever.