The Sacramento Kings may have an alternate court coming

Kings alternate court f
So far during this NBA season, basketball teams have proven that they’re willing to not only go with a crazy number of alternate uniforms, but also bring in alternate courts. The Warriors and Bucks have rolled out alternate courts this season, and apparently the Sacramento Kings may be the next in line to do so.

According to this vine (and the screencap above), the Kings are apparently “up to something.” At the end of the vine, it says that #FlashbackFriday is going to have a new look on February 19th.

Now, it’s pretty easy to put two-and-two together and say that if they’ve already brought back the classic powder blue-and-red throwbacks this season, that maybe we could potentially see a powder blue-and-red court on the way?

Here’s the thing: The Kings have never really had powder-blue on their court. Back during those particular days, the court was royal blue and red (which is what they wore on their home uniforms). (Credit to the CCSLC’s kodrinsky for the court mockups)

So, if we see a court with mostly powder-blue on it, then it’ll be a first in Kings history (their Sacramento history, at least) and a “fauxback” look for Sacramento. WIth that being said, it’ll be very interesting to see what the Kings have in store when it comes to a new court design for #FlashbackFriday.

What do you think we’re going to see? Are they going to come up with a brand new court design inspired by their powder-blue uniforms? Are they going to bring back one of the old courts? Are they trolling us all and are just going to bring back an old black-and-purple court design?