Sacramento Kings unveil alternate throwback court

Kings alternate court f

Yesterday we let you know that the Sacramento Kings had something up their sleeves when it came to an alternate court. I guessed that they’d be coming out with a powder-blue court design and, lo-and-behold, that appears to be the case.

The court is a near-identical recreation of the opening night at Arco Arena I – October 25, 1985 – marking the team’s move to Sacramento, and the first court at Arco Arena II.

The entire court will feature a full makeover, with the original Sacramento Kings logo at center court and the original baby blue framing the playing surface. On the baseline, “SACRAMENTO” decorates the court apron in the original type face from 1985.

kings alternate court 4

The Kings will play on this court for 6 games — 5 #FlashbackFriday games, and the home finale on April 9th, and that will also be the final game at Sleep Train Arena.

kings alternate court 3

kings alternate court 2

Now, like I said in the other post concerning the new court, this isn’t exactly the same as the court they actually played on. The blue is lighter, the team’s web handles are on the sides, and “SACRAMENTO PROUD” is proudly displayed on the bottom sideline of the court. So yes, the Kings aren’t lying when they say that it’s near identical.

kings alternate court 1

So, now that you’ve seen the “new” Kings court, what do you think? Do you like that they decided to make the court properly powder blue instead of making it identical to the blue from the original court? Let us know what you think!