2016 Fresno Tacos promotion features a twist of lime


Last year, the Triple-A Fresno Grizzlies changed their identity for one game and took the field as the Fresno Tacos. The uniforms were part of Taco Truck Throwdown, the Grizzlies’ popular annual homage to the city’s tradition of mobile taco vendors. The uniforms, which were amazing, were such a hit that the team has expanded the promotional garb to all 10 of their Tuesday home games in 2016.

Fresno Tacos 2016

This year, the Tacos uniforms will feature a twist of lime, with green featured more prominently than it was in 2015.

The 2015 Tacos.
The 2015 Tacos were a huge hit.

With the popularity of the promotion and this year’s expansion, you can’t help but wonder if the Grizzlies identity might be in the midst of being phased out.

“Last season, there was some speculation that we might become the Fresno Tacos permanently, but to be sure, we’re prouder than ever of the Fresno Grizzlies,” said Grizzlies General Manager Derek Franks, quoted on the team’s website. “Coming off our first Pacific Coast League and Triple-A National Championship in franchise history, Growlifornia Republic is alive and growing. But we saw how special the Fresno Tacos were to our fans for just one night, and there’s no harm in multiplying that pride times 10 this season.”


On each of the Taco Tuesday games, the team will feature a different taco truck, then on August 18, the annual Taco Truck Throwdown will highlight all of the normal crunchy festivities. The team will also sell taco hats (above) and they’ve announced plans to unveil a mascot, Tito the Taco, specific to Taco Tuesdays.