New Details on US Soccer 2016 Home Kit and Crest


Last week, we saw a leaked photo of the US Soccer 2016 away kit to be worn during the Copa America Centenario this upcoming summer. Details have now since emerged confirming the colours used in the away kit while also revealing the colours to be used in the new home kit.

The below photo is an excerpt from the Summer 2016 Nike purchasing catalog, describing the new US Soccer home kit, away kit and both sets of socks.


As you can see, the home kit will be primarily White, with the secondary colour being “Game Royal” and the tertiary colour Midnight Navy. Thankfully, none of the black from the away kit will be present on the home.

Considering those details, here’s a photo illustrating the three colours that the home kit’s design will feature.


Unfortunately, no design mockup was included in the catalog, so we’ll have to patiently wait and speculate about what design elements the US Soccer 2016 home kit will feature. I suppose this information also quashes the hope of some supporters hoping for a return to the red / white hoops home kit for the Yanks.

In other news, it seems as if the new US Soccer crest design has been all but confirmed. Earlier today, a photo gallery was posted on reddit showing a package sent to US Soccer Supporter’s Club members that contained a scarf that features the new crest.