First Look at 2016 World Cup of Hockey Logos

World Cup of Hockey Logos 2016 feat

Thanks to a Tweet from the Canadian based Sportsnet television network, we’ve got an early look at the logos which will be used for each of the countries and teams in the upcoming 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

It’s a combination of old school designs (Finland, Czech Republic), modern day designs (Russia, Sweden), and new looks (Canada, USA, and the two new combo clubs). The result is an interesting mix which should lend to a nice variety of uniform designs when those are all released later this afternoon (according to the Tweet from Sportsnet, this will be at 4pm ET)

2016 world cup team logos

Four shield logos in the eight team field, it’s hard to see in this image but that new North America logo has a subtle “XXIII” under the “NA” mark — the Roman numeral for 23, which is the max age limit for the club.

Yesterday the logo for the event itself was unveiled, for the first time the focus was on the new (oft-criticized) trophy:


The uniforms won’t officially come for a couple of hours still but we’ve gotten sneak peeks of a few of them already:

2016 Team Canada Jersey Teaser 4
2016 North America U23 Jersey Teaser 2
North America
2016 Czech Republic Jersey Teaser 1
Czech Republic
2016 Sweden Jersey Teaser 2

Check back around 4p ET for the full gallery of these new uniforms.