Are the Sacramento Kings going to permanently go back to powder blue?

Sac Kings Retro
The Sacramento Kings have been embracing their past identity a lot as of late. Despite the fact that their most successful era (an albeit brief era) in Sacramento came under the purple, black, and silver-colored banner, the Kings have been paying plenty of tribute to the days of their initial move to Sacremento — the powder blue, red, and white days.

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kings throwback court

From bringing back those powder blue throwback away uniforms to actually bringing back a powder blue version of the old court that they used to play on, the Kings have made it clear that they’ve got no problem with the aesthetic look from those days — even if the basketball that was on display from the Kings back then was pretty bad.

The Sacramento Kings only made the playoffs one time wearing these uniforms
The Sacramento Kings only made the playoffs one time wearing these uniforms

While some teams would take a putrid past between the lines and try to keep it there (which is what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have done since dumping Bucco Bruce — even though those Creamsicle uniforms received rave reviews whenever they made their return), there are other teams who don’t care and will choose to bring back the old look whenever fan demand critical opinion deems it the right time to do so. Could this be the time for the Kings to permanently go back to the old red, white, and powder blue look?

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The Kings will be moving into a new arena next season, and they are going to be one of three teams that are set for an identity change next season. Could this embrace of their old red, white, and powder blue identity potentially be a sign of things to come in the future? If I had to guess, they probably won’t bring back their entire old identity — frankly, their old primary logo isn’t exactly the prettiest thing in the world, unless you’re a fan of Bart Simpson’s haircut. However, they could definitely bring back the colors for any potential identity update, and that’d be interesting, right?

Of the three teams that could be getting new primary logos and/or updating their identity for the 2016-17 season, the Kings are probably the easiest of the three teams to speculate about when it comes to this. The new arena plus this embrace of their past just makes it seem like a shift back to the old color scheme would make plenty of sense. Additionally, when you consider that the Kings are also planning to play the final home game at Sleep Train Arena on the throwback court, then maybe that could be seen as bridging the gap from the old arena to the new arena via colors? Who knows.

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Either way, this is all speculation at this point. I’d say that the probability of the Kings potentially just giving their purple, silver, and black identity yet another tweak is pretty high, but I think that things would be much more intriguing if they did something with their old colors. What do you think, though? Do you want to see the Kings return to this particular color scheme, or do you want them to stay with their current colors?