Hamilton Bulldogs Adopt New Colour Scheme

Hamilton Bulldogs New Logo

Hamilton’s sports teams will all match nicely next season.

Yesterday the Ontario Hockey League’s Hamilton Bulldogs announced they would be adopting a black and gold colour scheme for the 2016-17 season, copying the colours used by other teams in the city – the CFL’s Tiger-Cats and the long forgotten Tigers of the NHL circa 1925.

To paraphrase Dr. Peter Venkman, “Bulldogs and Tiger-Cats living together… mass hysteria!”

Bulldogs New Jersey

The uniforms were chosen after a design-our-new-jersey contest was held by the team, the winner was a ten-year-old girl, her design is essentially the Bulldogs logo slapped on the current Pittsburgh Penguins alternate jersey. Boom. Winner.

Makes sense, Hamilton is commonly referred to as the “Pittsburgh of Canada”, why not go all the way to play the part.

There are some differences, the connection between the shoulders and arms don’t feature the arch like the Penguins do, just a straight line, as seen best on this screencap of the back of the jersey:

Bulldogs Back

On the yellow sleeve is a “HAMILTON” patch in black:

Bulldogs Shoulder Patch

As mentioned earlier, the shift to this colour scheme was done entirely to match up with Hamilton’s only two pro sports franchises, the Tiger-Cats and the defunct Tigers. The old colours of red-white-blue were originally adopted due to the previous Bulldogs team being affiliated with the Montreal Canadiens, those Bulldogs moved to St. John’s to replace the IceCaps. The OHL version of the Bulldogs were the Belleville Bulls up until last season.

Hamilton's black and gold history, the NHL Tigers and CFL Tiger-Cats
Hamilton’s black and gold history, the NHL Tigers and CFL Tiger-Cats

We’ve added the new Bulldogs logo to the site where you can give it your rating. Check it out.

The white version of this uniform will be unveiled by the club at a future date.