Seattle Mariners wear two different uniforms during spring training game

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Oh, spring training. Everybody loves you because you’re the official sign that baseball (that actually counts) is right around the corner, but you’re also a prime location for all sorts of weirdness. It’s the quirkiness of spring training that can help make it go by quicker, and nothing’s quirkier than one team wearing two different uniforms during the same game.

In case you may have missed it, every team in baseball received a revamp of their spring training/Batting Practice uniforms, and the Mariners received one of the more interesting revamps in that they will be wearing their eye-catching teal alternates as spring/BP uniforms.

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It wasn’t a surprise to see the M’s wearing those jerseys for their split squad away game against Cleveland. What was a shock is that a good chunk of the split squad was wearing what appeared to be the old batting practice uniforms from last season.

Credit to Mark Sheldon for the image
Credit to Mark Sheldon for the image

So, what was the reasoning behind this? It’s actually very simple: The players in major league camp got to wear the nice and new uniforms, while the minor leaguers had to wear the hand-me-down old uniforms. Again, it’s a pretty simple explanation and it also goes to show you that the Mariners take hierarchical organization very seriously — or they probably didn’t have enough of the new uniforms to give to the minor leaguers. Either way, it’s definitely weird to see this happen in any sport.

Is this going to be the start of a trend? Maybe if this was the 1970s, which was the golden era of teams wearing funky colors and funky uniform options in general. But we probably won’t see this happen, and again, it seems like this was a move done out of necessity instead of out of aesthetic concerns.