Los Angeles Rams will not change uniforms until 2019 season

LA Rams 2019
If you’re a Los Angeles Rams fan who is looking forward to seeing the Rams return to their royal blue-and-yellow color scheme, then you’ll probably have to wait for a couple more years. In an interview with the LA Times, Rams Executive VP of Football Operations Kevin Demoff made it clear — there will be no new LA Rams uniforms until the 2019 season at the earliest.

The NFL requires teams to submit permission to overhaul uniforms between January and March of a given year for implementation two years after that, Demoff said.

The Rams’ uniform issue will be officially discussed for the first time Tuesday at the NFL owners’ meetings. But Demoff said the team would not apply for a change until 2017, putting it on track for implementation in 2019.

“Our focus has always been on introducing new uniforms the year we open a new stadium,” he said. “That’s the opportune time to shape your brand.”

There you have it: The Rams don’t particularly seem to be in any rush to switch up their uniforms. That’s even with Demoff himself admitting that he doesn’t “particularly love our current uniforms.” However, the Rams appear to be targeting 2019 as a big year. That will be the year when their new stadium opens up, and they’ll be wearing new threads by then.

As far as instant gratification is concerned, you’ll have to wait. The closest we’ll get to new uniforms will be whatever the Rams have in store for the Color Rush. Other than that, there won’t be any new Rams logos or uniforms until then.