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Padres Announce New ‘Crooked Cap’ Design for Fernando Rodney

Padres Crooked Cap feat

Let’s be honest, we knew this day would come.

The San Diego Padres will be the first baseball team anywhere to allow a different cap design based on individual player preference, those who wear their caps straight and the few who wear them off to the side. An official announcement by both the club and New Era is expected later today.

Owing to their recent acquisition of Fernando Rodney, the King of the Crooked Cap, the Padres new cap allows their logo to appear centred and straight regardless of which style the player prefers.

Rodney Padres New Era 2016

Rodney has worn his cap off to the side, or “crooked” for most of his playing career. In the news release coming later today Rodney stated that he does this in an effort to confuse the hitter who is “always looking for my eyes”.

The new cap style will be made available to any player who wishes to wear it, but their cap must be worn off to the side if this design is the one being worn.

Rodney New Padres Cap 2016

The straight and crooked style of cap will be applied across the entire collection of on-field Padres caps, only photos of the home cap design are available at this time.

“To be honest I’m more excited it’s April 1st and that means baseball is finally back”, Rodney added, “I look forward to helping my new team in 2016”.