Blue Jays Bringing Back White Panel Caps in 2016

Jays White Panel

They would have been fools to not bring them back.

After making a one-game-only appearance on August 16, 2015; the Toronto Blue Jays incredibly popular white front panel caps will be making a comeback in 2016, this according to reliable sources within the organization.

Details are scarce about the whens but SportsLogos.Net has been told that the cap will be worn “several times” throughout the upcoming season, the team’s 40th in the American League.

Compare the original with the modern
Compare the original with the modern

The cap features the Jays classic cap style of a blue crown with a white front panel which had been worn from their inaugural 1977 season until part-way through 1993. The caps were deemed to be bad luck by the players and were replaced by their all-blue road caps the rest of the way. The 2015-16 version of the cap is slightly different in that it incorporates the new Jays logo on the front rather than the original one (Looking for an easy way to tell them apart? The new one doesn’t have a baseball behind the bird)

Popular with both fans and players, the cap worn just that one time last season reportedly would be sold out at the team shop as quickly as new stock arrived while players like David Price and Josh Donaldson insisted on continuing to wear the cap during their pre-game warmups and batting practice drills.

Donaldson cap
Josh Donaldson wearing the white panel cap during BP before an ALCS game in 2015