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Edinson Volquez wears the wrong hat for Opening Day

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Tonight, the Kansas City Royals are kicking off their defense of the World Series championship, and they celebrating the 2015 title victory in style. The team is wearing special gold-tinged uniforms, and their hats in particular are blue with gold lettering, instead of the usual blue with white lettering.

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The Royals are going all out as well, even putting the gold lettering on their helmets, which is always a nice touch.

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On the other side of things, as Chris noted over on the official Twitter account, the Mets have decided to counter-act this by wearing their blue alternates with gray lettering. Interesting move.

Royals Opening Night Mets

Meanwhile, the Royals have been wearing their brand-new Batting Practice hats throughout spring training, which include a white “KC” logo with the team’s crown logo floating above the KC logo. Up close, they’re pretty different, but from afar they’d look pretty similar, which may explain why Kansas City’s opening day starter Edinson Volquez made a bit of a mistake tonight.

Yep, he's wearing the wrong hat.
Yep, he’s wearing the wrong hat.

Yep, he’s wearing the BP cap instead of the special cap. It’s one thing to make this mistake on a regular day with regular uniforms, but on the Opening Night with the special caps? Yikes.

Fortunately, they let Volquez know in the dugout that he was wearing the wrong cap, and he took it in stride.

Royals Opening Night Tweet

We’re only one night into the 2016 regular season and we’ve already got one uniform gaffe. How many more are we going to see this season?