Idaho Stampede will become Salt Lake City Stars; Unveil logo and uniforms

Salt Lake City Stars f
Today, the Utah Jazz’s D-League affiliate officially announced that they’ll be relocating to Salt Lake City to join the NBA team in the city. As such, the Idaho Stampede will be rebranding for their arrival to SLC, and they’ll be known as the Salt Lake City Stars.

Salt Lake City Stars 1

So, what’s the story behind the nickname and colors? The colors should be obvious; The navy-white-and-gold color scheme is straight from the parent club’s color scheme, and the team acknowledges this on their website. The nickname is a direct homage to the history of basketball in Salt Lake City, particularly the old Utah Stars of the ABA and the Utah Starzz of the WNBA.

If you were expecting some funky old-school uniforms to match the nostalgic nickname, then you’ll be disappointed in that regard. The Stars have gone with some relatively generic uniforms for their new identity. The placement of the stars are supposed to be a tribute to their placement on the old ABA Stars’ uniforms, so there’s that.

Salt Lake City Stars 2

Salt lake city stars 3

So, what do you all think of the new look for the former Stampede? Seems like a relatively simple, no-frills look for the Jazz’s D-League team, right?