Golden State Warriors may have Oakland tribute uniforms in the future

Warriors F
The Golden State Warriors are already paying tribute to San Francisco by wearing “The City” throwbacks for this season. This is despite the fact that the Warriors have been playing in Oakland since the early 1970s. However, with the team preparing for a big move back to “The City” for what they hope will be the 2018 or 2019 season, the team is actually hoping to bring a bit of Oakland with them back to San Francisco.

According to a report from Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group, the Warriors may have an Oakland tribute uniform in the works. The uniform would be worn in time for the 2017-18 season, and they’d also wear them during their first season in San Francisco. Here’s more from the article:

Since new ownership took over, the Warriors have made a point to honor its heritage. They brought back the original San Francisco jerseys and the classic “The City” jerseys, in addition to retiring the number of legend Chris Mullin.

The Warriors have not officially decided to submit an Oakland alternate uniform to the NBA, but there is a strong contingent within the organization to recognize Oakland with a uniform.

Even though nothing is official, that makes this the perfect time to speculate on what these potential uniforms could look like. Do you think that they’ll try to do something similar to “The City” jerseys, except replacing the Golden Gate Bridge with the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge? Do they come up with recolored throwbacks like what you’d see the Cleveland Cavaliers do? Will they come up with a completely new design?

At this point in the process, anything is possible, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see anything — especially when you consider the alternate uniforms that the Warriors have worn in recent memory. Let’s not forget that the Warriors were the first NBA team to wear sleeved jerseys in the current fad, so when I say that anything is possible here, I mean it.

What do you all think, though? Are we going to see something traditional for the Oakland tribute uniform, or will it be something out of left field from the Warriors?