MLB Unveils 300 New Looks as 2016 Specialty Uniforms Released

Jerseys unveiled

Hey, are you ready for this? We’ve got 302 new MLB caps and jerseys to show you today. No I’m serious, strap in.

As has been the case for the past decade, every team in Major League Baseball will once again be wearing special uniforms for various holidays throughout the 2016 season. Per usual commemorative uniforms will be worn in recognition of Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, however this year the program has expanded and for the first time teams will also be wearing themed uniforms for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Uniforms for the 2016 All-Star Game and the Gatorade All-Star Workout Day/T-Mobile Home Run Derby were also included as part of the release.

The uniforms were designed as part of a team effort between MLB, New Era, and Majestic Athletic. As we go through every jersey and cap you will notice some slight deviations from the general league-wide template, this is because individual teams were consulted throughout the process and their feedback, when given, was used to adjust any elements accordingly to meet their approval.

Proceeds from the sales of the holiday jerseys will be donated to various cancer and veteran charities (the details of which will be provided in each holidays section below.

We’ll present this in the order in which the uniforms will be worn during the season.

Mother’s Day – May 8, 2016

Milwaukee Brewers Mother's Day Uniform (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)
Milwaukee Brewers 2016 Mother’s Day Uniform (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)

Mother’s Day uniforms will feature every team wearing a dark grey cap with their respective team logo re-coloured in pink and dark grey, the cap eyelets, pill, and stitches will all also be pink as well as the MLB logo on the back of the cap.

Houston Astros 2016 Mother's Day Cap (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)
Houston Astros 2016 Mother’s Day Cap (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)

Jerseys will see all team logos, patches, wordmarks, numbers, and piping re-coloured pink and dark grey on the usual base home white or road grey. Exceptions to this rule include the Cleveland Indians whose sleeve patch will remain in their traditional team colours, the Milwaukee Brewers who will be using their throwback “mb” logo on the sleeve, and the San Diego Padres who have chosen to wear this on their alternate camouflage jersey base.

Pink sleeve patches, where applicable, for Mother's Day 2016 (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)
Pink sleeve patches, where applicable, for Mother’s Day 2016 (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)

Proceeds from the sale of Mother’s Day jerseys and caps will go to Susan G. Komen to raise funds to and awareness to fight Breast Cancer.

2016 MLB Mothers Day Cap and Jersey Details

A look at every MLB cap and jersey for Mother’s Day, you can click this image for a larger version (when sharing please link to this post rather than the image):

2016 MLB Mothers Day Uniforms-590
Click for full sized version

Memorial Day – May 30, 2016

Miami Marlins 2016 Memorial Day Uniform (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)
Miami Marlins 2016 Memorial Day Uniform (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)

Memorial Day uniforms this season will make use of a new “woodland” camouflage pattern licensed by the US Marine Corps for the 29 U.S. based teams, the Toronto Blue Jays will feature the “CADPAT” design used by the Canadian Forces.

A handy side-by-side showing the differences between the U.S. and Canadian designs:

Comparing Canadian and American camouflage patterns (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)
Comparing Canadian and American camouflage patterns (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)

Jerseys will feature this same pattern on wordmarks and player numbers, team logo patches will be re-coloured green and brown to match the camouflage colour scheme.

Pittsburgh Pirates Memorial Day Jersey (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)
Pittsburgh Pirates Memorial Day Jersey (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)

Proceeds from the sales of these jerseys will benefit the Welcome Back Veterans charity.

2016 MLB Memorial Day Cap and Jersey Details
2016 MLB Memorial Day Uniforms-590

Father’s Day – June 19, 2016

New York Mets Father's Day Uniform (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)
New York Mets Father’s Day Uniform (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)

Father’s Day uniforms, like Mother’s Day will feature dark grey accents along with powder blue. Proceeds from sales of Father’s Day jerseys go towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Father's Day Jersey Back

Some exceptions to the template here as the Angels and the San Francisco Giants have opted against wearing blue as their primary colour, no official reason has been given but it should be noted that both these teams consider the Los Angeles Dodgers to be their main rivals. Probably not a coincidence.

2016 MLB Fathers Day Cap and Jersey Details

2016 Fathers Day uniforms - lrg

Stars and Stripes – July 4, 2016

Colorado Rockies Fourth of july Uniform

Back for another season is the Fourth of July “Stars and Stripes” uniform, caps this year have a white front panel with a crown in either blue or red (individual team preference). The background of the cap features a stars and mesh pattern for the American teams while the Toronto Blue Jays cap has maple leaves on the front panel.

Blue Jays Stars and STripes 2016 Cap

Cap logos and sleeve patches have been re-coloured to navy and red, jersey wordmarks incorporate the same pattern as seen on the caps (even mimicking the “mesh” design).

Like Memorial Day, proceeds of sales go to the Welcome Back Veteran’s foundation.

2016 MLB Stars and Stripes Cap and Jersey Details
2016 MLB Stars and Stripes Uniforms-590

All-Star and Workout Day Designs

For the All-Star festivities in San Diego this season MLB is really tapping into that love fans have for the 1970s Padres look. And we ain’t complaining!

The Home Run Derby features a straight up copy of those classic Padres uniforms with “national” or “american” across the chest (all in lowercase, of course), with brown or yellow as the base and the opposite on the sleeves and down the sides. Caps feature a white front panel and the team name arched across the front in that retro Padres style.

Cardinals HR Derby

The ASG sleeve patch is brown and yellow for this event only, typically it appears in blue and yellow. Side of the cap features the team logo in yellow and orange:

Caps Side

2016 MLB Home Run Derby Cap and Jersey Details

For the big game itself the uniforms do not play up and local imagery, instead opting for a more generic gold and stars look.

That gold trim looks pretty sharp on some caps, gotta say.

Blue Jays ASG

2016 MLB All-Star Game Cap and Jersey Details


We’ll wrap this up with detailed looks at every single cap unveiled today, organized by team. Just click any of the thumbnails below to see a large image showing all six of that team’s specialty caps (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Home Run Derby, and All-Star Game):