2016 NHL Playoffs Printable Circle Bracket


Last night, the NHL Playoffs dropped the puck, and as always, it was time to put together a circle bracket graphic. Here’s our updated look at this season’s participants in the chase for the Cup. Click the image for the full-resolution size.


This year, I decided to add a new wrinkle to the circle bracket presentation with the addition of a printable bracket. Download the PDF (by clicking the image below), print it out, and mark which teams you think will advance in each match-up. Additionally, mark how many games you think each team will win in the box provided. Share your picks with your friends online (and link back to us, please!) and compete to see who knows the 2016 NHL Playoffs best!

circle-bracket-nhl-2016-printable-SLNps: Be on the lookout for the NBA version of this article sometime in the coming days…